Wednesday, August 27, 2014


The other day my friends called up and said that they were coming home.I was pretty excited and
wanted to serve them something really tasty and light.The first thought that came to my mind was
pasta with a slight tangy taste!Pasta is great for snacks and pleases my taste buds.The one which I
have made is macroni( a type of pasta) in sweet chilli sauce and let me tell you my friends were
delighted to taste this.The recipe is simple and not time taking either.So here we go!!!

Serves :2


1.Macroni (a type of pasta)  100 gms(approx)
2.Onions(chopped)  1
4.Green chilli 1
5.Sweet chilli sauce( from any good brand) 2tbsp
6.Tomato sauce 1/2tsp
7.Oil  2tbsp
8.Peas (boiled ,less than half a cup)
9.Parsely  (to garnish)
10.Cheese 1tbsp
11.Salt to taste


1.In a vessel take water and put two or three drops of oil in it and a pinch of salt.
 Now put the ( macroni) pasta into this vessel and boil until the pasta is well cooked.

2.Once your pasta is done, drain the pasta in a strainer and put this strainer under cold running
 water for less than a minute.This is done to avoid the sticking together of the pasta.

3.Once you have done this procedure put the past in a plate and keep aside.

4.We now heat oil in a pan and once the oil is well heated we put the chopped onions in to it.
   Cook until the onions turn light pink.Then put the chopped tomato along with the green chilli.

5.Add salt.Once the tomato turns soft add the peas, sweet chilli sauce and the tomato sauce.

6.Cook for five minutes and now put the pasta into this.Toss the pasta well in the pan.

7.Lastly we add cheese,cook for another two minutes and our pasta is done.

8.Garnish with parsley.

9.Serve hot.

1.We add oil in the boiling process of the pasta to refrain it from sticking together.
2.Toss the pasta and do not overcook it.



  1. It looks easy to make fast and delicious looking forward in making it thanks doll.

    1. Thank you sweetie...yes dear its a pretty quick such snacks!!!:)