Monday, September 29, 2014


 Hello Everyone!
 It is festival time here in India and so we are indulging in different types of sweets and desserts.
 I was like craving for something sweet last night and so thought to make this Bread Halwa
 which my grandmother used to prepare for us and yes it was delectable.I am sure if you try this
 you will relish it as well.It is soft and creamy with lots of nuts!!!Sounds tempting so why delay
 let us start!!!

Serves :2


1.Bread   6 pieces
2.Ghee/oil to fry
3.Cardamom powder
4.Sugar   3 tbsp
5.Milk      2cup 
6.Cashewnuts  8-9 pieces
7.Almonds (to garnish)
8.Fresh cream  1tbsp


1.Cut each bread into four equal parts.

2.Heat a pan with oil/ghee.Once the pan is heated fry the pieces of bread until brown.

3.Place the fried pieces of bread aside on a tissue paper so that they absorb the extra oil.

4.In a mixer grinder , grind the cream along with the cashewnuts and keep aside.

5.Now in another pan boil the milk along with the cardamom powder.

6.Once the milk has boiled add the fried pieces of bread.Mix well.

7.You will see that the bread becomes soft.Now add sugar.

8.Cook for about five minutes,then add the mixture of cream and cashewnuts that 
   we have prepared.

9.Cook for a minute and then turn the off burner.Garnish with almonds.

10.Serve chilled.


1.Don't add too much sugar as bread contains sugar as well.
2.After you have added cream do not overcook.
3.Add crushed almonds.



  1. I never ate this it looks so delicious to try.

    1. Thanks darling!It is something like a bread pudding which requires no oven ...:) try it's nice...:)

  2. cashew and almonds on it nom nom, it's spunds like bread pudding but way better :D