Monday, July 14, 2014

Mushroom curry

Hey a big hi to all of you.I love mushrooms big time and it's good to know that they are low in calories,cholesterol-free yet are a rich source of minerals!


1.Mushrooms  250gms
2.Peas              1/2 cup
3.Oil                 2tbsp
4.Cinnamon stick                       1
5.Onions(finely chopped)           3
6.Tomatoes(finely chopped)        1 large
7.Garlic paste                              1tbsp
8.Ginger paste                             1/2 tbsp
9.Turmeric powder                      1/2 tsp
10.Dry red chilli                                 1
11.Coriander powder                   1tsp
12.Garam masala                         1/2tsp
13.Jeera                                       1/2tsp        
14.Green chilly                           1
15.Salt to taste

1.Firstly mushrooms must be cleaned properly.Boil the mushrooms for two to three minutes so that all the impurities are gone.Drain out the water and let the mushrooms cool.
2.Heat oil in a pan.Put the jeera and let it turn golden.Put the cinnamon stick and the dry red chilli now.
3.Now add the chopped tomatoes,green chilli ,turmeric powder,garlic paste and ginger paste,salt to oil and let it fry.You will get a lovely aroma of chillies and the cinnamon stick.
4.After this mixture is cooked you can now put the chopped onions and let it fry.When you see the onions turn pink put the coriander powder and keep frying.
5.Add a little water to this so that all the items mix well.
6.Add mushrooms and the peas.
7.Add the garam masala and cook for about 5 minutes.
8.Serve hot with chapattis.
1.Clean the mushrooms well.
2.Do not overcook after putting garam masala.

Hope all of you enjoy your mushroom curry!


  1. simple steps ...its on my dinner menu !!!

  2. Thanks for the recipe dear..i love mushroom

    1. You are welcome dear...i too love them :)

  3. I love mushroom and nice recipe <3 <3 <3