Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pomfret fry

Hi to all!!!Hope all of you are enjoying your Sunday.Here is an easy way to make your Sunday even more special!!!

Serves :1

1. pomfret                 1
2.cornflour                 (just good enough to coat the fish)
3.oil                           (so as to just shallow fry it)
4.turmeric powder     1/2 tbsp
5.ginger paste               2tbsp
6.garlic paste                2tbsp
7.lemon(juice)                        1 chilli powder        1/2 tsp
9.onion                         (to garnish)
10.tomato sauce            (to serve with the fish)
11.mustard sauce          (to serve with the fish)
12.coriander leaves       (to garnish)
13.salt to taste


1.Make a mixture of ginger and garlic paste,turmeric powder,salt ,red chilli powder and lemon juice.
2.Marinate the fish in this mixture for half an hour.
3.Heat oil in a nonstick pan preferably.
4.Now coat the fish on both sides with the cornflour.
5.You can now fry the fish till it turns golden.
6.Cut an onion in ring shapes.
7.Garnish the fish with the ring shaped onions and coriander leaves.
8.Serve hot with tomato sauce and mustard sauce.

Be careful while you fry the fish as they are tender.

Hope all of you like this recipe!