Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Chicken Fry

Hi everyone...this is one of my favourite chicken recipes!I make this chicken fry almost every
fortnight and it makes my day so so special!!!So let us begin here.


1.Chicken  500 gms
2.Dark soya sauce  2tbsp
3.Cornflour  2tbsp
4.Ginger paste  2tbsp
5.Garlic paste   2tbsp
6.Egg               1
7.Green chilli  3
8.Onion  to garnish
9.Sugar        a pinch
10.Lemon juice   1/2  tbsp
11.Oil(to fry)
12.Salt to taste

1.Wash the chicken properly.
2.Beat the egg properly and keep in a bowl.
3.Now crush two green chillies and mix well with the ginger and garlic paste.
4.This paste should be added to the egg and we mix well.
5.Then we add sugar,cornflour,dark soya sauce and salt to it.
6.We now marinate the chicken with the above mixture for say about 3-4 hours.
7.In a pan we heat oil.
8.When the oil is well heated we put the marinated chicken in the oil to fry.
9.Fry the pieces of chicken on medium flame until it loses its pink color and turns brown.
10.We place the fried chicken on tissue paper for five minutes so that it absorbs the extra oil.
11.Then take a plate and place the fried pieces of chicken on it.
12.Sprinkle the lemon juice on it.
13.Garnish with onions cut in ring shapes and a slit green chilli.

1.Put less of salt as soya sauce already has salt in it.

Your delicious chicken fry is ready!!!You can enjoy it as a starter too.