Friday, July 18, 2014


 When we talk of  the famous cuisines of North India, Rajma (red bean curry) immediately comes into
 our mind! It is one of their famous dishes and I, personally love rajma too.

 So here I am , ready to cook rajma for you!!!



1. Rajma(kidney beans)                         250 gms
2.Onions                                               4(Large)
3.Green chillies                                      2
4.Tomato (make puree)                         2  
5.Cinnamon stick                                   1
6.Bay leaf                                              1
7.Garlic                                                 4
8.Ginger                                                1 inch  
9 Rajma masala(any renowned brand)    2tbsp
10.Jeera                                                 1/2tsp
11.Red chilli powder                              1/4tsp
12.Milk                                                  2tbsp
13.Sugar                                                1/4tsp
14.Oil                                                     2tsp
15.Coriander leaves (to garnish)
16.Salt to taste


1.Soak about 250gms of rajma overnight.

2.Drain the rajma and keep aside in the morning when you are about to cook.

3.Make a paste of the onions.

4.In a cooker heat the oil and put the jeera ,the bay leaf and the cinnamon stick. Let the jeera and the cinnamon stick and bay leaf sputter, then add the onion paste.

 5.Once you see the onion paste start to change its color put the green chillies,red chilli powder,
     ginger and the garlic ,rajma masala,tomato puree and sugar.

6.Now we can put the kidney beans or rajma into this masala and fry for ten minutes.Add salt.

7.After this we add sufficient water so as to immerse the kidney beans.

8.After 6 to 7 whistles of the cooker we can see the rajma cooked and we get a beautiful aroma.

9.Add milk.

10.Garnish with coriander leaves.

11.Serve hot with steamed rice and raita.

              The combination of Rajma ,rice and raita generally lists as a top favorite of North Indians.

Hope all of you relish this aromatic rajma!!!


1.If you are cooking one cup of rajma then put two and a half cups of water in the cooker.

2.If you feel the gravy is less add a little more water into it.

3.In case you want a thick gravy take some of the cooked rajma in a bowl, mash it and again put it into the cooker and heat the curry.

4.You can use cream instead of milk.


  1. nicely wriiten, can we use tinned tomato puree instead of fresh ones? Asking as they are so expensive now!

    1. Thanks..:) ya you can use tinned ones too....taste will not be hampered..!i know hike in prices...!

  2. Nice...Looks Delicious Aparna...:) You have a great blog...:)

    1. Thank you dear Kinjal ...i am overwhelmed....:)