Monday, September 29, 2014


 Hello Everyone!
 It is festival time here in India and so we are indulging in different types of sweets and desserts.
 I was like craving for something sweet last night and so thought to make this Bread Halwa
 which my grandmother used to prepare for us and yes it was delectable.I am sure if you try this
 you will relish it as well.It is soft and creamy with lots of nuts!!!Sounds tempting so why delay
 let us start!!!

Serves :2


1.Bread   6 pieces
2.Ghee/oil to fry
3.Cardamom powder
4.Sugar   3 tbsp
5.Milk      2cup 
6.Cashewnuts  8-9 pieces
7.Almonds (to garnish)
8.Fresh cream  1tbsp


1.Cut each bread into four equal parts.

2.Heat a pan with oil/ghee.Once the pan is heated fry the pieces of bread until brown.

3.Place the fried pieces of bread aside on a tissue paper so that they absorb the extra oil.

4.In a mixer grinder , grind the cream along with the cashewnuts and keep aside.

5.Now in another pan boil the milk along with the cardamom powder.

6.Once the milk has boiled add the fried pieces of bread.Mix well.

7.You will see that the bread becomes soft.Now add sugar.

8.Cook for about five minutes,then add the mixture of cream and cashewnuts that 
   we have prepared.

9.Cook for a minute and then turn the off burner.Garnish with almonds.

10.Serve chilled.


1.Don't add too much sugar as bread contains sugar as well.
2.After you have added cream do not overcook.
3.Add crushed almonds.


Monday, September 22, 2014



Hi guys...!
Raita is an Indian condiment made with yogurt.There are many types of raita and the one
I have made is a beet raita.By the name itself we come to know that this dish contains beet.
I am not very fond of beet but as we all know beet is very nutritious,so I had to find a
recipe which would please my taste buds at the same time!So let us start!!!!!!!


1.Beet (peeled and boiled)2
2.Yogurt  250gm
3.Coriander leaves to garnish
4.Green chilli  1
5.Mustard seeds    1/4tsp
6.Oil 1/2 tsp
7.Salt to taste


1.Firstly we boil the beet.Then let the beet cool down.

2.When the beet cools down then in a mixer grinder put the beet and green chilli and
   grind well till you get a smooth paste.

3.Now add this paste to the curd and mix well.Add salt.If you want the mixture to be
   thinner you can add half a cup of water.Set the mixture aside for sometime.

4.Now heat a pan.Put oil.When oil is heated add the musturd seeds.

5.When mustard seeds start to sputter turn the gas /stove off and add this to the yogurt

6.Garnish with coriander leaves.

7.Serve chilled.

This raita goes well hot rice or even parathas.It is delicious!!!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Coconut ladoos

Sorry guys I had been away for a while.I teach some children in my neighbourhood and
they were having their exams so,I was taking some extra classes for them.Love teaching students
and the feeling that I can help them make a good future gives me immense satisfaction.
Let me also tell you that all my students have secured pretty good marks and to celebrate their
success I had made this quick,easy and tasty ladoos made of coconut.They relished it.
All of you can also try and kindly let me know how it was.


1.Desiccated coconut 250 gms

2.Cardamom 4
3.Condensed milk(sweet)  5tbsp
4.Raisins (to garnish)
5.Rose petals (decoration)


1.In a mixer grinder take 2 to 4 tbsp of the desiccated coconut and the cardamom
  and grind. We get a fine powder.

2.In a plate mix this mixture with rest of the desiccated coconut.

3.Now add the sweet condensed milk to it and mix well.Your mixture should look like
   the following image.

4.Now make medium sized round balls with your hands.Place one raisin on top of
   each ladoo.

5.Place them on a plate and you can use some rose petals to decorate them as seen in
   the following image.

Your delicious Coconut Ladoos are done!!!

                                                               HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Egg Masala Curry

Eggs are relished by my husband , egg curry being his favourite dish!I am also fond of them.
Eggs are high in protein and amazingly they are less in calorie, have antioxidants which help
fight aging!It is good for skin also so, I guess now we have all good reasons to include eggs
in our diet in any form.You can also try this amazing egg curry which I made yesterday!So
let us start.



1.Eggs  3(boiled)
2.Onions 2(chopped)
3.Tomato 1(chopped)
4.Green chillies 1
5.Dry red chilli  1
6.Peas  1/2 cup
7.Ginger paste 1/2 tsp
8.Garlic paste   1tsp
9.Turmeric powder 1/2tsp
10.Coriander powder 1/2tsp
11.Jeera powder 1/2tsp
12.Garam masala 1/2tsp
13.Tomato sauce 1/2 tsp
14.Red chilli powder 1 tsp
15.Oil 3 tbsp
16.Fresh cream 1tsp
17.Dry fenugreek leaves  1 spoon
18.Salt to taste