Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kadhi (plain)

Hi !
Kadhi is a special north Indian dish.It is a spicy dish and it's thick gravy is based on
chickpea flour. The kadhi I have made is a basic kadhi. There are many varieties of kadhi and
I will be discussing each one of them in future posts.The main ingredient of kadhi is yogurt and
chickpea flour also known as 'besan' in India.Yogurt is very good for health as it contains calcium
and vitamin B-2 and B-12.So let us start with the procedure to make our super tasty and healthy

Serves : 2-3


1.Yogurt 250gms
2.Chickpea flour(besan)  4 tbsp
3.Green chiili  2
4.Dry red chill 2
5.Garlic paste 1 tsp
6.Ginger 1/2 inch
7.Ghee or oil  2tsp
8.Cumin seeds 1/2tsp
9.Turmeric powder 1/2tbsp
10.Onions(sliced)  2
11.Tomato (chopped)1
12.Salt to taste


1.In a mixer grinder put the yogurt,turmeric powder,green chillies,ginger,garlic and
   chickpea flour(besan) and about 1cup water and grind it.

2.The grinded mixture should look like the following image.

3.Now we heat a kadhai or wok and just put this mixture into it.

4.We boil it in high flame for a minute stirring continuously so that lumps do not form.

5.Then reduce the flame and let it cook.We keep stirring it every five minutes.

6.You will observe that the mixture thickens so now we add water (a cup approximately)
   to maintain the consistency as that of any curry.Add water so as to attain the consistency
   you see in the following images.

7.We now add salt.After around 45min of cooking this mixture in medium flame our kadhi is done.

8.Now we heat a pan and put the ghee(oil) into it.Then we add the cumin seeds and dry red chilli.
   Let the cumin seeds splutter then we add the sliced onions and cook until the onions are pink.

9.Then we add the chopped tomatoes.We fry until tomatoes are just a little soft.

10.We put this mixture of the pan into our kadhi and stir on medium flame for ten minutes.

11.Our kadhi is now ready to be served.

Kadhi tastes best with rice.It tastes pretty well with hot parathas too.


1.Put salt towards the end so as to prevent curdling.
2.Stir the kadhi continuously as lumps may form.
3.Remember to maintain consistency as that of a curry.
4.Kadhi tastes even better the next day so you can refrigerate and keep it for the following day also.
5.It is very cooling for the summer season.

Hope all of you try this tasty kadhi and please let me know if
 you liked it!!!


  1. I love how you have explained in so much detail :)