Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Soya Balls

Hi Everyone!Today I have something special for you.I am a big time snack lover so,I am making these soya balls .Soya as we all know is rich in protein and at the same time they taste awesome.So,here we go!!!


1.Soya chunks    3cups
2.Potato              1 large(boiled and peeled)
3.Green chillies     2
4.Red chilli powder   1/2 tsp
5.Garam masala      1/2 tsp
6.Bread crumbs     4tsp
7.Oil                     (for frying)
8.Dry mango powder(amchoor powder)    1/4tsp
9.Ginger paste        1/4tsp
10.Garlic paste        1/2tsp
11.Onion (to garnish)
12.Salt as per taste

For the yogurt punch:
1.Yogurt              5 tbsp
2.Tomato sauce    2tsp
3.Chilli sauce         1sp

1.Wash the soya chunks and boil them so as to make them soft.
2.Let the soya chunks cool and then squeeze out the water.
3.In a mixer grinder ,grind the soya chunks along with ginger and garlic paste and the green chillies.
4.Put this grinded soya chunks in a big vessel or a plate.
5.To this add the potato and smash it completely.Mix red chilli powder,salt,garam masala and
    dry mango powder and the bread crumbs.
6.Mix well.
7.Shape the mixture into round balls.

8.You can now take a pan and heat the oil.
9.Once the oil is heated,carefully put these balls into it.

10.Let it fry until it turns brown.

11.Put them on tissue paper so that the extra oil is drained out.
12.For the yogurt punch,take the amount of yogurt mentioned (5tbsp) and mix tomato sauce and
   chilli sauce in it.Your tangy yogurt punch is ready.
13.You can now serve the soya balls along with this tangy Yogurt punch and freshly cut onions and
    green chillies.

Hope all of you enjoy this!!! :)


  1. Grt8 stuff kuks....loved it.. will try 4 sure (y) <3

    1. Thank u dear...please try..
      it is awesome :)

  2. Great recipe . I like it more because it's healthy .

    Can you please suggest some chick peas salad !!
    Looking forward....

    1. Thank you..:)
      I know these days people like going healthy!Definately i will in a day or two..:)

  3. They look amazingly delicious great to serve at a party and get together perfect idea.

    1. Thanks a ton Jackie..yes good for parties..Love soya chunks :)

  4. Even i love soya and a healthy snack it dear

    1. Thank you Simran :)....of late i have started loving soya ....:)))