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Hi guys...!
Raita is an Indian condiment made with yogurt.There are many types of raita and the one
I have made is a beet raita.By the name itself we come to know that this dish contains beet.
I am not very fond of beet but as we all know beet is very nutritious,so I had to find a
recipe which would please my taste buds at the same time!So let us start!!!!!!!


1.Beet (peeled and boiled)2
2.Yogurt  250gm
3.Coriander leaves to garnish
4.Green chilli  1
5.Mustard seeds    1/4tsp
6.Oil 1/2 tsp
7.Salt to taste


1.Firstly we boil the beet.Then let the beet cool down.

2.When the beet cools down then in a mixer grinder put the beet and green chilli and
   grind well till you get a smooth paste.

3.Now add this paste to the curd and mix well.Add salt.If you want the mixture to be
   thinner you can add half a cup of water.Set the mixture aside for sometime.

4.Now heat a pan.Put oil.When oil is heated add the musturd seeds.

5.When mustard seeds start to sputter turn the gas /stove off and add this to the yogurt

6.Garnish with coriander leaves.

7.Serve chilled.

This raita goes well hot rice or even parathas.It is delicious!!!


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