Tuesday, October 21, 2014

White chocolate Cup cakes

 I am so crazy for cakes and especially cup cakes.The varieties we get in cup cakes
 are endless, and I am going to make white chocolate cup cakes!Believe me they are amazingly
 tasty.Let us start!!!!!

 Serves :3 -4


 1.Castor Sugar  3cups
 2.Butter  1 and half cup
 3.Eggs 5
 4.Vanilla Essence  2tbsp
 5.Refined Powder 3cups
 6.Baking powder 2tsp
 7.White chocolate 1bar
 8.Gems to garnish


1.In a bowl add 2cups castor sugar and 1cup butter. Blend this mixture with a blender until we see
   that the color of the mixture turns white.
2.Now add the vanilla essence and eggs one by one and blend properly till the mixture
   becomes fluffy.
3.Add the refined powder and mix well with a spatula.
4.Add the baking powder and mix.
5.Take mould linings and place them properly in the moulds.
6.The mixture should now be put in these moulds with the help of a spoon.
7.We put these cupcakes into a preheated microwave oven.
   The temperature we had set was 180 celsius.
8.We put it in the oven for about 15-20 minutes for baking.
9.We see after say about 20 minutes that the cup cakes are done.We keep them aside to cool.
10.Once cooled we remove the cupcakes along with the linings from the moulds.
11.Keep the cup cakes aside.
12.We melt the rest of the butter (half cup),the white chocolate and 1cup sugar in the oven.
13.We apply this mixture of white chocolate on top of the cup cakes using a thin spatula
     or knife.
14.Crush the gems and sprinkle on top of the cupcakes.
15.Put them in a refrigerator for about an hour, so that the icing sets
16.Ready to serve.

1.Put the eggs one by one or the mixture might get spoiled.
2.Mixing of all the ingredients should be done well, else the cupcakes will not be fluffy.

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  1. Your cupcakes looks so yummy :-) I will try to make .... your recipe is amazing <3